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Generation 1: Eveline Rose

Eveline is a born artist through ambition and influence from her mother and grandmother who were both avid artists and musicians. After getting word from her mother that Sunset Valley was the hot spot for new and budding artists, she bought the first plane ticket out of Twinbrook and purchased the first plot of land she could find, which left her with a little less money than she would’ve hoped for. Will Eveline reach her dream of artistry or will she become a starving artist, literally?


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Generation 2: Aaron Rose

Aaron has always been athletic, good friends, not to bad with the ladies, but when he meets a young girl named Elnora with a dark secret that could put them all at risk, will he be willing to risk it all for love?


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Generation 3: Ginger Rose

Amidst a huge family, Ginger feels lost in a throng of siblings constantly invading her preferred solitude. On a trip to the outskirts of Sunset Valley, she meets Raven, a cantankerous horse with a quiet soul, and April, her kind owner. Ginger longs to befriend this seemingly broody creature, but will she ever break through beyond Raven’s distaste for humans? Meanwhile, when tragedy strikes the Rose family, is there any way Ginger can cope when she can’t find someone to share her sadness to?


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Generation 4: Igneous Rose

Igneous and his identical twin brother Jiro have been together since the very beginning. They have always had each other to care for and to be there for. Neither of them truly know what it feels like to be alone. When a disastrous attack occurs on Igneous leaving him permanently different from his brother, it appears as though their new differences may be too difficult to cope with.


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Generation 5: Loki Rose

Loki was born a vampire into a broken family while his father was still desperately trying to pull the pieces back together. As a result, Loki finds himself with a lingering distaste for his step-mother and a constant urge to get himself into trouble. Living up to his name, he’s managed to be in and out of detention and suspension so often he barely manages to graduate. When his father declares he’s at his wits end and ships him off to Uncle Jiro’s house in Moonlight Falls, Loki discovers there’s more to the sleepy town than meets the eye.

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Generation 6: Oliver Rose

Oliver was born with the mixed blood of a vampire and a lycan and, unlike his brother, has become a freak genetic accident in the lycan world. Unlike his lycan mother, his wolf spirit is bloodthirsty and uncontrollable, the exact opposite of mild-mannered Oliver. As a result of this, he cannot control this heartless beast that treads his subconscious and is forced to hole himself up at home just to keep from accidentally losing control around others.