The Rose Legacy: Introduction

To begin the Rose Legacy, we must begin with a founder. Our founder is Eveline Rose.

At 19 years old, anyone my age would be dying to get out of the house and i’m no different. All my life I’ve wanted to paint and draw.

Art is what keeps me going so when my mom told me about Sunset Valley, I was first in line to pick up a plane ticket. According to my mom, Sunset Valley was the hotspot for budding artists.

I had always lived in Twinbrook, where everyone seems to be overflowing with creative talent, so a not-so-talented artist like me wasn’t going to do well with such competition.

I packed my bags and hopped on the first plane to Sunset Valley with nothing but my clothing and my life saving from working at Steak n’ Shake since I was 16.

This is just the beginning for Eveline.


5 thoughts on “The Rose Legacy: Introduction

  1. Looks like this legacy is gonna be interesting! I haven’t seen one done like this before… and I love the name Evelin!!
    Would love it if u could check out ma blog and maybe leave a comment to let me know how I’m doing? 🙂 like u, it’s my first 😛

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